Xuất khẩu chính ngạch sang Trung Quốc: Để hương sầu riêng bay xa

Xuất khẩu chính ngạch sang Trung Quốc: Để hương sầu riêng bay xa

Xuất khẩu chính ngạch sang Trung Quốc: Để hương sầu riêng bay xa

Official export to China

The first official durian export event held in Dak Lak recently is the pride not only of Dak Lak durian growers but also the common joy of people in the Southwest, Southeast and West regions. Original.

This is a very important event because China is the largest durian consumption market in the world today.

Moreover, the official export of durian fruit will help Vietnamese businesses have the opportunity to access a large market, and at the same time help businesses and farmers earn higher profits from this specialty fruit. However, there is still much work to be done for the "durian scent" to really fly away.

Good news

Mr. Doan Thanh Hai, Ea Yong commune, Krong Pac district has a durian garden of about 1 ha, the output this year is estimated at about 20 tons.

With the selling price at the garden at this time about 80,000 VND/kg, it will bring Mr. Hai about 1.6 billion VND in the durian crop in 2022. Calculating, after deducting all investment costs, his family also earns. billions of dong - this is a desirable income for farmers.

Mr. Hai shared that in recent years, the durian garden has been completely organically cultivated by the family, strictly following the production process under the guidance of technical staff.

Exploring the journey to China: Destruction after flying away from the picture 2
The delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development visited durian growing areas eligible for export to China. (Photo: Anh Dung/VNA)
Each stage of the tree's development is fully recorded in a diary. All fertilizers and pesticides used to fertilize the garden are made from natural ingredients such as garlic, chili, banana, pineapple...

When durian products were officially exported to China, Mr. Hai and many durian farmers in Krong Pac district were very excited. “Farmers have been waiting for this time for many years. The price of durian skyrocketed, and people's income was also better, hopefully the official export will help the price increase in the coming seasons," said Mr. Hai.

[Exporting durians to China: The door has been opened, but we still have to calculate the distance]

As for Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Krong Pac Fruit Tree Cooperative, exporting the first official fresh durians to China is something he is happier than Tet. Because he was one of the first farmers in the durian "capital" Dona "takes a shortcut" to campaign for the establishment of a cooperative to link durian farmers; and at the same time guide the cooperative members to carry out the production of durian according to VietGAP standards; collect information, encrypt information on orchards to do traceability for durian fruit.

The result of today is that out of 23 planting area codes of Krong Pac district granted for official export, 16 are managed by cooperatives, with more than 1,000 hectares. The effect of official export is that the price of durian that businesses and traders buy from people has skyrocketed compared to last year's crop.

The negotiation to export fresh durian to the Chinese market is only the initial success. For the flavor of Dak Lak durian in particular and Vietnam in general to fly far, for all to win, there is still a lot of work to be done.

According to Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Krong Pac Fruit Cooperative, it is important to keep the area that has been granted the existing planting area code and continue to expand the area. new planting area code. If the planting area code is not well managed, so that businesses can take advantage of it, do business "snatching" to export in excess of the allowed quantity, or bring in goods from other places to mix it, it is very easy to be broken, and the planting area code will be deleted. if your country conducts post-inspection.

In fact, recently, a business has "stealed" the growing area code (code 71) of the cooperative for export. The code of the planting area is the common property of farmers and cooperative members. “Therefore, in addition to the standard production efforts of the cooperative members, the authorities need to drastically control this issue, especially the exporting enterprises must do business with a heart. , "Mr. Tuan pondered.

Tighten the back check

Up to now, the durian area of Dak Lak province is over 15,000ha, is the province with the second largest durian area of the country after Tien Giang province, estimated harvest in 2022 is 170,000 tons and production is estimated to 2025. is over 300,000 tons.

Exploring the journey to China: Destruction after flying away from the picture 3
The first shipment of durian from Vietnam was officially exported to China. (Photo: Anh Dung/VNA)
After the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the General Administration of Customs of China officially signed the Protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Vietnamese durians exported to China; The People's Committee of Dak Lak province has directed, assigned specific tasks, assigned departments, departments, branches, people's committees of districts, towns, cities and packing establishments to urgently and concentrate. deployed to prepare for official durian export to China.

Mr. Y Giang Gry Nie Knong, Vice Chairman of the Committee

The People's Committee of Dak Lak province said that initially, Dak Lak province has been approved by the General Department of Customs of China with 4 codes for durian packing facilities and 23 planting area codes (accounting for 45% of the approved planting area codes nationwide). ), with an area of 1,500ha (accounting for 18.3% of the durian area for harvest in the province).

In addition, the province has established 17 new durian production cooperatives, bringing the total number of cooperatives in the province to 415, which is an important condition for official export of fresh durians to China right away. from the province's 2022 durian crop.

Besides, a very important event has just taken place successfully, which is the Krong Pac durian festival. Durian festival has left a good impression in the hearts of people, tourists and domestic businesses, creating a positive spillover effect on the Dak Lak durian brand.

According to Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Dak Lak province Y Giang Gry Nie Knong, the Protocol on phytosanitary regulations for Vietnamese durians exported to China was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Development. rural areas and the General Administration of Customs of China after nearly 4 years of preparation efforts.

This is one of the great advantages for durian products of the whole country in general and Dak Lak province in particular to be officially exported to the large Chinese market, an opportunity to organize the development of the Vietnamese durian industry. South towards modernity, quality, safety, sustainability and close linkage from production to consumption market, is an opportunity to improve efficiency and raise the value of Vietnam's durian in the international arena. economic.

However, this is also a big challenge because the contents of the Protocol are essentially technical requirements that manufacturers, packers and exporters must comply with. The organization of the ceremony to announce the export of the first durian shipment under the Protocol has proved that the quality of Vietnam's durian products has been improved.

In order to protect the achieved results and promote the potential opportunities for official durian production and export, in the coming time, the People's Committee of Dak Lak province proposes to functional agencies and authorities at all levels. and growing areas, packing facilities fully and strictly comply with regulations and standards from partner markets; at the same time do well the reorganization of production, associated with standardization of production processes.

Along with that, continuing to develop the code of the growing area, the code of the packing facility and traceability, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and close supervision of the implementation; prevent and strictly handle all violations. Only in this way can we create and preserve the image of a quality, safe, transparent and responsible agriculture for consumers, aiming to build a multi-valued, safe and sustainable agriculture for both economic, social and environmental.

Speaking at the announcement ceremony of the recent official export of durian in Dak Lak, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan noted that durian or any other agricultural product wants to go far, creating If the market is sustainable, all individuals in the agricultural value chain need to work together and cooperate to go up together.

In particular, farmers, businesses, localities with growing areas and state management agencies need to "go together" in the overall space for product development, in each event of introduction, promotion and promotion. promote trade and investment to build a prominent Vietnamese durian brand in the international market, and at the same time consciously create and maintain the image of a transparent and responsible agriculture for consumers. use.

Following in the footsteps of the first durians exported through official channels to China today, is the belief and hope of farmers, businesses and stakeholders, in order to build and develop the image, trade Vietnamese durian brand, along with outstanding Vietnamese agricultural products in the international arena.

This is a valuable opportunity for fresh durian fruit and continues to promise positive negotiation results to open the market for other agricultural products of Vietnam in the near future.

Anh Dung (VNA/Vietnam+)


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