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 Ogani is a leading enterprise in Vietnam in pioneering the development of agricultural value chains.

 Ogani has chosen its direction and successfully built the brand of green agriculture.

 Our company focuses on value-added from Vietnam tropical fruit such as mango, dragon fruit, jackfruit, coconut, and passion fruit,… which use freeze-dry, vacuum-dry and soft-dry technology.

 Dried fruit has had almost all of the water content removed through drying methods.

 Dried fruit can be preserved for much longer than fresh fruit and can be a handy snack, particularly on long trips where refrigeration is not available.

 Exporting market: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia,...

Production capacity and products description:

1. Freeze-dried fruit: 50 (MTs/year)

2. Vacuum-dried tropical fruit: 100 (MTs/year)

3. Soft-dried tropical fruit without sugar added: 100 (MTs/year)

 What will you gain from Ogani?

  • You will get a quality product.
  • Products gain health and safety licenses and export standards
  • Flexible payment methods..
  • The factory gains all organic certificates.

 We aim to provide safe products, bringing a good life to everyone and especially bringing a prosperous life to Vietnamese farmers.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Email: sale@ogani.vn
Phone number: +84 962 298 861
Website: http://ogani.vn/



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